Turkey Trivia

Thanksgiving is here and many of us will sit down to a roasted turkey.  But how much do we really know about our turkey guest of honor?  Here is a short turkey trivia quiz to help you get to know all things turkey a little bit better!

  1. How many feathers does a mature turkey have?

(a) 750  (b) 1500  (c)  3500  (d) 2750


2.  How fast can wild turkeys run?

(a) 15 mph  (b) 55 mph  (c) 5 mph  (d) 25 mph


3.  According to the US Census bureau, which state produces the most turkeys annually?

(a) Minnesota  (b) North Carolina  (c) Arkansas  (d) Missouri


4.  While nearly 50 million turkeys are served up each Thanksgiving, 2 lucky turkeys are given to the White House each year for an official presidential pardon.  Which president was the first to start the presidential turkey pardon?

(a)  Harry S. Truman  (b) George H. W. Bush  (c) Abraham Lincoln  (d)  John F. Kennedy


5.  A male turkey is called a

(a) Poult  (b) Hen  (c) Gallo  (d) Gobbler


6.  According to Time Magazine, how many towns in the United States have the work “turkey” in their name?

(a) 4  (b) 5  (c) 8  (d) 3


7.  Which President opposed Benjamin Franklin’s proposal for the turkey to become the national symbol for the United States?

(a) John Adams  (b) Thomas Jefferson  (c) James Madison  (d) James Monroe


8.  Approximately how fast can a wild turkey fly?

(a) 55 mph  (b) 35 mph  (c)  45 mph  (d) 25 mph


9.  A turkey’s gender can be determined from its . . .

(a) wattle  (b) droppings  (c) breast feathers  (d) snood


10.  According to the US Department of Agriculture, which country consumes the most turkeys per capita per year?

(a) Israel  (b) United States  (c) Mexico  (d) Germany


All of us here at DaVinci Homes are thankful for those of you who put their trust and confidence in us.   Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Quiz Answers:

  1.  c. 3500
  2. d.  25 mph
  3. a. Minnesota
  4. b.  George H. W. bush
  5. d.  Gobbler
  6. d. 3 –Turkey, Texas; Turkey Creek, Louisiana; Turkey, North Carolina
  7. b.  Thomas Jefferson
  8. a.  55 mph
  9. b.  droppings
  10. a.  Israel