8 Great Ceiling Ideas

Often overlooked and unnoticed, ceilings offer a great opportunity to add beauty, express your personality, and create a unique look for your new custom home.  So if you are ready for something other than a boring, flat, white surface overhead, check out these great ideas and use them as a spring-board to design your own […]

Architect or Home Designer?

When my in-laws built their home, she drew the plan on a napkin and he built the home.  Apparently things were simpler in Sugar City, Idaho 40 years ago.  Today, most individuals don’t have the knowledge, skills, or confidence to tackle such a large and complicated job.  For this reason, home owners almost always have […]

Visit DaVinci Homes at the Home Show

DaVinci Homes will be exhibiting at the Salt Lake Home Show being held at the South Town Expo Center this Friday through Sunday, January 8-10.  Whether you are ready to build or just thinking about building a custom home, come check us out at both 1305!  Order tickets on line and use the promo code […]

Turkey Trivia

Thanksgiving is here and many of us will sit down to a roasted turkey.  But how much do we really know about our turkey guest of honor?  Here is a short turkey trivia quiz to help you get to know all things turkey a little bit better! How many feathers does a mature turkey have? […]

DaVinci Homes’ Moving Checklist

Moving has been on my mind the last few weeks.  DaVinci Homes recently moved to a brand new office and we’ve experienced first hand how much work it is.  Moving to a new home is no different.  So here is our moving checklist to help make your move to a brand new custom home a […]